Solutions for Life Sciences, Education & Practice Management

Life Sciences

Whether you need a bioinformatics dashboard, an application for quality control at point of care, or a marketing solution for your medical practice, we have the team to make it happen and have built solutions for companies in pharmaceutical research, medical diagnostics and practice operations.

Educational Technology

Have something to teach? We have  built online curricula for Pearson, MacMillan and Scholastic, learning games for Essilor, Grupo Elektra and Legends of Learning, and designed educational media installations for museums. We know how to deliver learning with impact to keep your students engaged.

Learning Games & Simulations

Designing games that are delightful, fun and challenging is difficult enough, even more so for games and simulations intended to impact players beyond pure entertainment. Game Design Canvas is our solution for quickly capturing a high level snapshot on a one page canvas rather than an opaque design document that’s better at collecting dust than guiding a cross-functional team. 

Web Sites & Stores

By leveraging open-source platforms our team has built web sites and e-commerce solutions for professional practices, startups, multi-nationals and membership organizations, delivering rapid, cost-effective results that are easy to use and scale to support growing businesses.

Digital Marketing

We are passionate about helping sell what we build, and provide fractional CMO services directly as well. If you need SEO, PPC, organic, social and direct marketing to get the word out — and bring the customers in — you’ve come to the right place.

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