Case Study




Nameclouds’ founders, a professor of data science and a phychiatrist, struggled finding a name for their son. Seeing other expecting parents faceing the same dilemma, they developed a sophisticated and technically impressive application to help parents choose the right baby name. Theie vision was an app that would be both useful and fun, and could be played like a game. But the front end of the application was rudimentary at best, and turning that into a usable app and website would be a challenge.



Project type

Website Redesign/Build, Membership Management, Lodge, Trip Reservation, and Online Payment Systems

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The founders had commissioned¬† five collages from artist Colleen Kong Savage to use as premiums, which we thought would be the perfect design element to work with. From that starting point, we designed the application interface, e-commerce website, and used them to establish the Nameclouds’ social media channels as well.¬†

Nameclouds Instagram feed
Nameclouds home page



Following syncronized website, app interface and social media design sprints, the site launched on time and on budget, with a surge of business driven by organic, paid and social media traffic.