In one of the most anticipated product announcements in years, Will Wright said this week that his new game, Spore, will be released worldwide on September 7th. I’ve seen so many previews I’ll be glad to get my hands on it (though I don’t look forward to the Cloverfield-esque movie sequel where “Spore Eats New York”). Seriously, though, from all reports like the following ones in Wired and BitTech, Spore is going to be a massive hit and a step forward in sophistication for game design.

Spore Spore2 Spore3

Designer Will Wright Walks Us Through Spore
By Chris Kohler | Wired | 02.13.08

It’s been a long wait, but Spore is nearly here. Will Wright, one of the game industry’s most fertile minds and the creator of the groundbreaking SimCity and The Sims, said Tuesday that his biggest project yet will be released worldwide Sept. 7. got an extensive first look at the latest version of Spore, a grandiose simulation of every stage of life, from the primordial soup to space exploration.

Even though the premise sounds daunting (the game was originally called SimEverything), Wright said that it is first and foremost a casual game that everyone can enjoy. “From the outset, I wanted to make something that Sims gamers wouldn’t be freaked out by,” he said. “People who play for creativity and expression, I think, are the largest untapped part of the market.”

The Wired story and pictures continue here, they published a pre-release review is here, and BitTech’s “hands-on preview” is here.

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