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After last year’s blogsphere, broadband and web video explosions, predicting where the Internet is going next has become more complicated. At the same time, understanding its direction and developing a clear web/branding strategy for your company, product or service is more critical than ever.

Thanks to Information Architects, Tokyo we’re beginning the New Year with a fresh look at what’s been working and what might be coming next. “According to Time Magazine you, the user, are the Person of the Year. In order to find out what makes websites work Information Architects created a study of the most used websites in 2006, wrote a preview of what we can expect for 2007 and matched both on a graphic 2007 web trend map” (iA’s post continues here…).

Although not every conclusion may be relevant to you, iA’s study is a great starting point for evaluating and designing your web product brand strategy. If you need help developing or implementing that strategy, please email or give me a call.

~ Richard

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