Though I’ve blogged on Second Life several times the education-oriented facets of this growing virtual world keep hitting my radar. The Second Life Community Education website is a good starting point for understanding the potential of this “unique and flexible environment for educators interested in distance learning, computer supported cooperative work, simulation, new media studies, and corporate training.” And Second Life Education Wiki is a good resource for educators and academics interested in using Second Life for “distance learning, computer-supported cooperative work, simulation, new media studies, and corporate training.”

Serious Games Source posted a facinating article last week on Developing Library Services in Second Life that describes how the Alliance Library System of East Peoria, Illinois, “started the Second Life Library project in April 2006 in response to a shift in people of all ages from media consumers to media creators. They are all spending more time on the Internet and they want to create and contribute, not just consume.” A real library operating in a virtual world? That’s serious!

Are you ready to do some Second Life homesteading? The Electric Sheep Company “…offers professional Second Life content creation and application development services” (and) “excels at creating Second Life environments as well as designing interactive experiences, games, and applications hosted within Second Life.” Electric Sheep also operates Second Life Boutique where you can buy off-the-shelf avatars, body parts, clothing, accessories, landscapeing, tiny critters and more.

For more on Second Life read my previous posts Avatars of Second Life, Unite!, and It’s Not Just a Game Anymore, and visit the ever-growing Second Life tag cloud on

Or tune into GETV (Geek Entertainment TV) zs reporter Irina Slutsky gets a first life interview with former Linden Lab’ber Wagner James Au, currently an embedded journalist in Second Life who writes the New World Notes blog. Find out how in-game citizens get fancy threads and make phat Lindens, and discover the secret double lives some gamers lead. Click here to play.

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