Several weeks ago in Hooked on Twitter I pondered whether microblogging had spawned a new literary form. Evidently it has, as Matt Richtel writes in the New York Times last weekend:

You might remember the novel in its earlier form; it had a cover, and many pages, forethought of plot, editors and agents weighing in, and, oh yes, it generally had sentences and punctuation. And, finally, some poor suckers had to take the time out of their busy days to actually read it.

Who has time for all those niceties? They’re so first half of 2008.

Introducing the Twiller. Recently, a handful of creators (present company included) have scrapped pen and paper for mobile phone and keypad, and started texting their novels — in real time, just a few characters at a time. Our medium is Twitter, a service that lets you broadcast bursts of 140 characters at a time to be read by people who subscribe to get your updates.

Really, so first half of 2008. For more, visit Matt’s site and go pick up a copy of Hooked from Amazon. See you in the tweet-stream.

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