When the annual New York Toy Fair and the virtual world conference Engage Expo filled the Jacob Javit’s Center during the same week in mid-February, the two events showcased more than any one person could absorb.

Fortunately Warren Buckleitner (Childrens Technology Review) hosted an informal round-table where 18 industry experts talked frankly about the best toys and the latest trends they saw at the shows. Participants included: Warren Buckleitner, Childrens Technology Review; Richard Carey, Richard Carey Digital Media; Jaclyn Cannon, Jacabee Code; Ellen DePasquale, The Online Mom; Stuart Drexler, Digital Stylie; Ryan Dubenbostel, Sockeye Media; Gary Goldberger, Fablevision; Amy Kraft, Media Macaroni; Christy Matte, Ask.com; Russell Miller, Intentional Media; Maribeth Nickell, Jacabee Code; Christine Oh, Sockeye Media; Robin Raskin, Living in Digital Times; Reyne Rice, Toy Industry Association; Wendy Smolen, Sandbox Summit; Andi Thea, Scribblemats; Scott Traylor, 360KID and Robert Wickendon, Jersey Cow. Just before we began Scott Traylor (360KID) lent me his camera to  record the conversation:

Read Scott Traylor’s blog post for the complete story and a look up table where you can find the location within the video where the conversation turns to specific products you might be interested in.

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