Several months ago I began using MindJet’s MindManager to give form to some essentially stream-of-conciousness research and I was hooked immediately. Though I’ve hand-drawn or seen computer-generated mind maps for years, most recently in Ed Yourdon’s mind map of Web 2.0, adding another piece of software to my quiver was the last thing I wanted to do.

I soon discovered this product is different, however, a breeze to use and invaluable if you trade in concepts and ideas, are a visual thinker and would benefit from a tool to organize your thoughts. Can you relate? Do you collaborate with colleagues in different locations? Then wait, it gets better.MindMeister At the end of another post on Web 2.0 recently, Yourdon mentions a new online mind mapping and collaboration tool called MindMeister from Codemart in Germany. This just-out-of-beta tool allows you to publish your mind maps on the web, collaboratively edit them in real time, ties in with Skype so you can IM or VoIP with your colleagues, imports and exports to MindJet’s .mmap format, and it tracks and keeps revisions. In true Web 2.0 fashion it’s also free at a basic level and modestly priced at about $49/year for the fully featured version.

So take your pick: MindManager on your desktop or MindMeister on your web top, two great tools that I’m now using in an attempt to map the metaverse. But now I’m getting ahead of myself. Tune in again soon for the next installment of this saga and until then, happy mind mapping.

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