Levi Buchanan writes in The Sims 3 Review, “This is not some port, this is the real deal Sims for the iPhone. Sims 3 for the iPhone starts with a Sim creator where you choose the gender and general appearance of your Sim. However, the true customization of your Sims takes place when you craft its personality through the selection of traits (both positive and negative) and the assumption of a persona. […] Each persona has a handful of lifetime wishes that you aim to satisfy, such as wanting to watch three people sleep if you are the Maniac or the desire to WooHoo with multiple Sims (not at the same time, mind you) if you adopt the Sleaze persona.

“The lifetime wishes are not the only desires of your Sim. Each day, your Sim barrages you with smaller wishes like wanting a promotion at work or acquire a new recipe. […] Choosing wishes gives you a constant stream of mini-goals that keeps the game moving forward […] there are almost 75 wishes in the game. […] Finishing all of these wishes will likely take you between 12 and 14 hours.”

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