From the number of inquiries we receive and the projects we’re managing lately — blogs, forums, wikis, user content sites, multi-player games and sims — it’s clear there’s tremendous demand for social networking. Out of curiosity I pinged and found this trajectory for social networking jobs:


“social networking” Job Trends“social networking” jobs

Considering the dates (1/05 to 4/08) some of the curve must represent the growth of Indeed itself, but still. Yet it’s hardly surprising. We humans are a highly social species (ever count the number of names we have for social groups?) so it was only a matter of time before the web caught up. Now that we have open source platforms like WordPress and Joomla! and so many commercial services — MySpace, Facebook, Ning, Orkut and Twitter among many others — the possibilities are nearly endless to enhance brands, engage consumers, enhance learning, deepen understanding and build community.

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