nycentJoin us on Tuesday, April 21st at the Samsung Experience, Time Warner Center, NY for a panel disciussion on The Future of Business: Is Social Media the Answer? produced by our friend Bill Sobel for NYC Entrepreneur Week (NYC ENT). Click here for event details and registration information.

We’ve got a great panel moderated by Merrill Brown, Founder and Principal of MMB Media LLC, with Fred Seibert, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at NextNewNetworks and President at Frederator Studios; Jim Anderson, CTO; Andrew Pancer, Founder and COO at Media6Degrees.

NYC ENT was created to strengthen and accelerate the collective entrepreneurial spirit of New York City through a week long series of events that aggregate disparate organizations, institutional investors, universities, and early-stage ventures throughout the City. Click here for more information about NYC ENT.

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