I’ve written summaries of most of the sessions at SIIA’s Ed Tech Business Forum including the two previous posts, below. Those that I missed were covered by Ileana Rowe, and all of them are (or will be) posted on SIIA’s website here: The presentations covered myriad topics in the business of educational technology including:

  • Investing in Educational Software
  • Acquiring Innovation
  • Capitalizing on Innovation
  • Profiles in Innovation
  • Seeing Innovation at Work
  • Taking Innovation to Market
  • Corporate Positioning to Impact Revenue and Value
  • Making a Business Out of Disruptive Technologies
  • Generating your First 1000 Customer Sales
  • Using Associations to Support Your Business Strategies

Though most of the written summaries are not verbatim transcripts, if you look at them with the PowerPoint slides you can glean some clear insight into the changing opportunities in educational technology, as I did while attending the conference. Finally, I know I’m not alone in sending a special thanks to Karen Billings and her staff for all their work that made the event possible.

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