SGS banner As a follow-on to the article I’m writing for Serious Games Source that is due out at the end of the month, CMP has accepted my proposal for a Serious Game Engine Shootout at the Serious Game Summit next month in San Francisco.

My idea for the article and panel discussion grew out of the frustrations many have felt entering this market: serious games and simulations have technical, functional and business demands that differ from commercial entertainment titles, casual games and drill-n-skill learning games. However, as a nascent product category the development specialized platforms and engines are also in their infancy, making it difficult for potential sponsors, publishers and developers to choose the right tools, and further contributing to the slow growth of serious games as an accepted learning modality.

The session, which will try to lift some of the fog surrounding these issues, will be held on Tuesday morning March 6th at 10:30 and is structured as a panel discussion with representatives from both established and emerging companies — currently Breakaway, Muzzy Lane, Epic Games and Oregon State University are represented. It promises to be a lively and sometimes provocative discussion of the game engines that are available today, what’s in development and which ones are the most appropriate for different types of serious game projects. Hope to see you there!

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