Richard Carey 

Producer, creative director, storyteller, marketer, technologist…

RCDM Studio’s founder and Managing Director Richard Carey wears many hats, and thrives on finding new solutions to complex creative and communications challenges. He has been working on the leading edge of website and mobile app design, e-commerce systems, educational games and simulations, and trans-media entertainment for more than three decades.

Richard’s work as a producer, storyteller, and creative director spans disciplines, media, and industries, from educational publishing and corporate training to games and entertainment. Recent projects include web and mobile apps, digital marketing using SEO and PPC, learning games and simulations, e-commerce, membership systems, and more.

In addition to founding and managing RCDM Studio, Richard has served as the Vice President of Technology for Second Avenue Learning, the Director of Educational Technology Product Development for Pearson Education, as the Director of Emerging Technology Research and Development for Scholastic’s Internet and Software group, and as Program Manager of Scholastic Book Club’s e-commerce initiative. Previously, he produced and directed television, film and multi-media programming for ABC, CBS, HBO Max, Showtime, Universal Pay TV, Paramount, Disney, Dow Jones, Pepsi, Pfizer, RCA Records, and WGBH Public Television.

He is the creator of Game Design Canvas, a lean, agile, user-focused approach to rapid game design, and has appeared as a moderator, speaker, and panelist at the Serious Play and SIIA EdTech, at the Game Developers, Seybold and Sobel Media conferences, and many other professional events.

Richard lives in Brooklyn, New York, volunteers as a SCORE Subject Matter Expert and Mentor, and serves on the board of Miramar Ski Club. 

Richard Carey

Richard Carey

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