Raph KosterIn two recent interviews Raph Koster shares his early thinking about user-generated content and MMOGs, and reveals more details about Metaplace, his virtual world platform that encourages users to modify and create their own virtual worlds, much the way services like Kerpoof and Scratch allow users to create and mod pictures, movies, animations, and programs.

RockPaperShotgun interviews Koster on MMOGs in general, while The Escapist Interview with Koster dives deep into Metaplace with the most specific info yet on the public beta release. Together they illuminate the accelerating convergence of games, social media and the web which appears poised to impact everything from entertainment to networking to educational technology in 2008. Metaplace beta >>> Metaplace betaUpdate: here’s Raph’s post on the public “sneak peak” of Metaplace with links to other coverage and photos.

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