Does Public Television have a role to play in games? Writing in this summer, Steve Behrens thinks there may be a strong connection and reports the following stats about current grant proposals:

“When CPB asked for proposals in its $20 million American History and Civics Initiative last year, a number of the 88 applicants came up with games. The same will likely be true for a similar initiative for math and science that CPB plans. Station execs say games are in the proposals from Georgia Public Broadcasting, Oregon Public Broadcasting and others. KCET partnered on a game proposal with Activision and New York’s WNET with Immersive Education Ltd.

In WNET’s game, players would dive into dramatic historic moments, says Ron Thorpe, v.p. Such as: “You’re an escaped slave child in 1857 and you’re trying to get north. How are you going to do that?
The History and Civics RFP was well designed to elicit new-media ideas and write checks to producers in appropriate stages — R&D, prototype and production — says Marion Rice, e.p. at Oregon Public Broadcasting.

The RFP noted that CPB grantmakers “anticipate that successful . . . applicants will incorporate new interactive technologies in the models and methods proposed.” Article continues here…

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