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Rally Point, a rapidly expanding public relations firm, needed a quickly updated website that would look high-end and professional enough to hold up until it had established a more clearly defined corporate identity.

Challanges & Solution


After six years in business, Rally Point PR decided it was time to set its sights on becoming bigger and better. This included hiring a Managing Director, who decided the firm’s fairly basic website was no longer up to the task and something better was needed, and fast.
She also recognized the firm was going to go through substantial expansion and rebranding in the coming months and years. Eventually an entirely new and more extensive website would be needed to reflect that growth and revised branding.
What Rally Point needed in the meantime was a quickly developed and well-designed site that was professional and appealing enough to hold up until the firm had a clearer grasp of what it stood for and how it wanted it to be viewed by potential clients.


Rally Point turned the virtual keys to their website over to RCDM Studios, which quickly designed and built a new and much improved website.


Rally Point got exactly the website it asked for and needed – not fancy but professional and engaging, and it was ready to go live only days after hiring RCDM Studios to do the work.

Rally Point’s satisfaction with the outcome led to ongoing projects for RCDM Studios, including strategic consulting, SEO, email marketing funnels, a top-down redesign of the site, and custom data analytics to show clients the results of their investment.

Visit the website rallypoint.pr/


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