SEO for a Video Birding Course

by | Sep 1, 2020 | 0 comments

Spark Birding’s online courses are designed to make birding fun, informative and easy to digest.

Our SEO team was handed the challenge of improving the organic visibility of Spark Birding’s Website, to increase their organic traffic and grow visibility of their online courses. It was a challenge as there was a lot of competition from high quality sites like Cornell & others whereas Spark Birding’s Site was just 2 months old.

Our approach was driven by Spark Birding’s target audience who were basically beginners interested to learn birding, so we began by studying customers’ demographics to build a keywords strategy. By looking at quantitative data collected from tools like SEMRush and qualitative data taken from an interview with the client, we generated a clearer picture of a SEO plan which was focusing on OnPage SEO first, optimizing the existing content, and building backlinks. Then we took a 3-phase approach to the keyword research.

  • Phase 1: Keywords Research for Target Persona
  • Phase 2: Competitor Keywords Analysis
  • Phase 3: Keyword Bucketing & Mapping to URLs

We combined the keywords across all 3 phases to target audiences in the top, middle and bottom of the funnel in order to improve rankings, traffic and conversions. To help structure the campaign, we divided the keywords based on:

  • Stage in the purchase funnel (TOFU/MOFU/BOFU)
  • Search categorisation. E.g. beginner birding course, bird watching basics, types of birds etc.
  • Competitor intersect (i.e. volume of competitors ranking for a given query)
  • Overall relevance and attainability

Once the keywords and URLs had been finalized, our SEO team conducted OnPage SEO optimization including deep technical audits to identify and resolve any technical SEO issues and a close eye on performance monitoring to ensure traffic, rankings and conversions continued to grow.

Our proprietary Organic Marketing Dashboard reports KPIs and Keyword Rank from Google Analytics and other sources so our team and our partners at Spark Birding can monitor progress and adjust the strategy. We compared the period of 3 months before and after our SEO work, to find a steady 23% growth in organic sessions, 191% growth in backlinks and long-term growth in keyword ranking.

The SEO campaign has also led to more keywords ranking in top 100 positions. Right now, the website has 15 keywords in top 100 positions. Visit Spark Birding — to find out more.