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Miramar Ski Club is a non-profit membership-based organization that (despite the name) organizes year-round group trips to Vermont from New York City. It found itself struggling to operate efficiently and competitively due to its outdated website, booking and reservation process, and record keeping systems.

If it was to continue to grow and appeal to new members while effectively serving its existing members, it needed to modernize, well, just about everything.

Challanges & Solution


After more than 70 years in operation, Miramar Ski Club had to face facts: “business as usual” wasn’t working anymore.

The club’s archaic website and frustrating and obsolete online booking process were annoying for members and guests and an obstacle to attracting new members.

For the organization’s volunteers, it was increasingly difficult to organize membership records. Trip administrators were struggling to manage trips and handle bookkeeping for groups that were often as large as 50 people.

Operating Miramar Ski Club had become challenging and cumbersome, while the overall experience was difficult and less enjoyable for members and potential members alike. It wasn’t sustainable.


To overcome all of these problems, RCDM Studio undertook a total digital makeover and updated all of Miramar’s organizational and management systems. This resulted in:

– A completely redesigned website that’s fully integrated with social media

– An easy-to-navigate room-booking system with integrated credit card processing that greatly speeds up booking and enables members to plan individual and weekday stays apart from regular weekend group outings

– A membership database and management system that tracks members’ activity and preferences

– An online events calendar with sign-up sheets for every event

– A modern email publishing system to provide news and updates to members and guests


Following these top-to-bottom website and systems upgrades:

– The club increased its membership more over the next year than it had in at least a decade

– Volunteer trip leaders and membership managers no longer had to struggle with complex, frustrating, outdated, and time consuming processes and systems

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