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Grupo Elektra, Latin America’s largest specialty retailer with over 27,000 sales people across seven countries, was experiencing high sales force turnover and challenges with recruiting and training. Solving these far-reaching problems called for creative solutions.

Challanges & Solution


Despite being a successful multinational retailer, Grupo Electra had an ongoing problem with sales staff retention, recruitment, and training.

If the company could not figure out how to slow the rate of sales people heading for the exit or attract and effectively train new sales employees, eventually it would have a negative impact on their bottom line.


Richard partnered with retail motivation experts Impact Simulations and developers Muzzy Lane Software, while providing overall creative direction and project management to the project.

Tapping into the competitive culture of sales people and recognizing that many in their age group (mostly early to mid-20s) were video gamers, the project team developed an immersive “first person seller” game/training system that would be immediately familiar to them. As an added bonus, they could play the training game when things were slow on the sales floor.

Taking the concept of a game-based training system one step further, we also developed a company-wide virtual tournament to encourage constructive sales force competition and engagement.

Finally, we included a portal for the gaming/training system where regional managers could monitor their sales force’s progress (or lack thereof) and adjust team or individual training as needed.


The “first person seller” game and tournament were well received by sales associates. “Elektra Transformacion” provided a relatable and effective learning and skills-building tool that also encouraged and rewarded healthy competition among sales people across the company.

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