Robert M. Sorin, DMD

by | Mar 2, 2020


A New York City dentist wanted to prepare for reopening his office following an extended shutdown during the first wave of COVID. But what would be the best way to do that after several months of dormancy? How should he address his patients’ health and safety concerns?


As with other dentists, Dr. Sorin had to close his office after COVID came crashing down on New York City in March of 2020. There was no safe way to continue operating a literally “in your face” business.  

Dr. Sorin hoped he would be able to re-open eventually, but he had no idea how or when that might happen.

If he was to stay in business, he needed a way forward that would enable him to re-connect and maintain contact with his 1,000+ patients and assure them that their well-being was and would remain his top priority.  


Given RCDM Studio’s longtime relationship with Dr. Sorin and their ongoing management of his website and SEO, he turned to them for help. 

They developed what was essentially an extended email marketing funnel that would slowly but consistently ramp up engagement with his patients prior to reopening. The emails combined updates, information, and a dash of humor.

Simultaneously, we updated Dr. Sorin’s website design and made sure the site’s COVID-related content mirrored what was in the emails. In particular, we emphasized the steps he was taking to make sure patients could return to his office confidently and safely when the time was right.  


Many of Dr. Sorin’s patients were so appreciative of his helpful and humorous email updates that he received “fan mail” in response and complaints on those rare occasions an email didn’t arrive when expected.

When Dr. Sorin reopened his office six months after shutting down, he quickly found himself as busy as he could be while maintaining COVID-related safety measures. His business has continued to flourish since then.

“Richard and his team have done a great job with my website for many years. But beyond the technical and design work, after I had to close my office because of COVID, he suggested I send out a regular email newsletter to my patients to stay connected and address their questions and concerns. It was above and beyond what I had hired him to do and it made a huge difference for my business. Even now, my patients tell me how much they appreciated my emails, especially because none of their other healthcare providers did that. I can’t thank Richard enough.”

– Dr. Robert M. Sorin
New York Prosthodontics

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