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CarePoint Solutions had developed a cutting edge technology to reduce medical errors by improving the accuracy of diagnostic testing. But without software and a ready-for-primetime app, their groundbreaking technology wasn’t accessible to potential customers.

Additionally, they needed updated websites, branding, and marketing to accompany the release of the app.

Challanges & Solution


CarePoint Solutions had built a prototype SaaS app, which was intended to help reduce medical testing mistakes (the third highest cause of death in the U.S. in a non-pandemic year). Now they needed a fully functioning and user-friendly app that was ready for paying clients.

In addition, their websites, branding, and marketing didn’t reflect the company’s achievements and cutting-edge work and were in need of updating.


Following extensive interviews, research, and analysis, we established product and business requirements, defined CarePoint Solutions’ corporate identity, and developed a comprehensive understanding of the company’s challenges, needs, and goals. Based on that, we:

  • Developed software and an app to operationalize Carepoint Solutions’ technology
  • Created a simple UI to help users have a positive experience with the product
  • Created a marketing website which looked and worked seamlessly across different devices and platforms
  • Designed a straightforward product purchase and activation process
  • Designed and created a user-centric account portal that looked identical and worked seamlessly across different devices and platforms
  • Designed a way to deliver report information in easy-to-understand visual representation
  • Provide users with easily accessed reports and actionable information on any device at any time


We successfully designed and delivered software, an app, websites, branding, and marketing that lived up to CarePoint Solutions’ groundbreaking medical testing technology.

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