The GraveyardCan a video game evoke human emotions more subtle than the adrenaline rush of offing gun-toting zombies and other digital miscreants? After playing a demo of The Graveyard, produced in an expressionist film noir like black and white by Belgium-based Tale-of-Tales, I’m that sure they can. From Tale-of-Tales’ press release:

The Graveyard is an experiment with what makes video games appealing beyond traditional game experiences. Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn are determined to explore the potential of interactive media. They believe that for the medium to grow (up), designers need to have the courage to abandon the game format and dare to explore other types of interaction, other types of emotions, stories, etc.

“We know that The Graveyard is not really a game. We could have easily added some form of gameplay. But The Graveyard wasn’t designed just for the players to have fun. While it doesn’t make a clear statement about anything, we hope that playing the game gives people the opportunity to contemplate the various topics that the experience touches upon. Not even to come to some kind of personal conclusion (though it’s ok if you do). Just to think about death, and life, for a moment. It’s good for the heart.”

The Graveyard can be downloaded from

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