It’s day three, two hours and counting to the end of Game Jam 2009 and I’m reporting this morning from the world wide headquarters of Team High Concept. For the first time since Friday the room is quiet, designers designing, writers writing, programmers coding, creative directors — yours truly — biding their time writing about it on their blog πŸ˜‰

Reportedly the group here at Columbia University is the largest gathering of the 40+ locations around the world, about 60 people divided into 14 teams, competing to see who makes the best game under strict limitations: form a team from scratch, design and build the best game you can in 46 hours, riffing off the concept “As long as we have each other we’ll never run out of problems.”

What have we learned? First, K.I.S.S. or die. We had a solid idea but over reached, so only a small section of the game could be realized. Even though, it’s absolutely amazing what a pick-up team can create under these conditions.Β  Click here to go to the game browser where you can find our game, called Skitzo, and many more from around the world. office_all
Let the games continue!

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