Ever since embracing social media and being asked to coach my clients on its finer points my starting supposition was  that personal and business, politics and brand identity should be separate. OK, call me old school but as my friend and former townie Lee Wilson writes, “Growing up in New England I was taught that it was rude to discuss politics, religion, or money with casual acquaintances.”

But that was then, this is now. Life is seldom simple and deciding who’s going to be a Facebook friend, a Twitter follower or a LinkedIn connection has become murkier still. What to do?

Lee dissects the issue in his post Personal vs. On-line Identity – And The Winner Is? Lee advises us to “…chill. Be yourself. Let others be themselves […] Wade in – the rich rewards of friendship, knowledge, and amusement are worth the effort to learn a new way of being.” Sage advice to consider the next time you receive an invitation to friend, follow or connect.

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