Last winter Stanford University hosted the Metaverse U Conference to “bring together industry leaders, artists, and academics to discuss a range of topics surrounding virtual worlds.” For some reason that seemed important at the time I couldn’t attend, but as the July 4th holiday nears I’ve taken time away from a social media-cum-virtual world-cum MMOG project for <> to catch up on what I missed at this and other conferences.

Today’s installment is a video of virtual world pioneers Raph Koster, Howard Rhinegold and Cory Ondrejka in a conversation about the emerging 3D web and the state of the metaverse.

Video thumbnail. Click to play

I wish I’d been able to be there — and could be at GLS 4 next week in Madison for that matter — but videos of all the Metaverse U sessions can be found on So get green, reduce your carbon footprint and tune in. See you in-world!

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