In an effort to control all the variables of building new software and web applications, project management tools and methodologies often add so much complexity that they defeat the intention of increasing development fidelity, efficiency and speed.

Getting Real from 37Signals busts those mythologies and puts web application development in perspective, though their approachtcan be applied to any software development effort. If you’re not familiar with them, 37Signals is a team who created and “…used the Getting Real process to launch five successful web-based applications (Basecamp, Campfire, Backpack, Writeboard, Ta-da List), and Ruby on Rails, an open-source web application framework, in just two years with no outside funding, no debt, and only 7 people.”

Seth Godin wrote, “Every once in a while, a book comes out of left field that changes just about everything. This is one of those books. Ignore it at your peril,” which I think is sage advice. You can read, download or purchase a hard copy of the book here…

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