The servers were too busy to accommodate me by the time I tried to log on to the Woodrow Wilson Center’s conference server last week, but not too jammed to download the slides and white paper from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Children’s Television Workshop that were being presented and are linked below.

The Cliff notes: “Last year, nine video games were sold every second. The global market for game-related products generates over $40 billion in annual revenues and is expected to eclipse $68 billion by 2012.

“Children as young as four are immersed in a new gaming culture, but many parents, educators and health professionals, concerned over violence, sexual content, and reports of addiction, do not consider games to be a positive force in children’s lives. Game Changer addressed this critique, offering a new framework to use games to help children learn healthy behaviors, traditional skills […] and 21st-century strengths such as critical thinking, global learning, and programming design.”

Game Changer White Paper
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Game Changer Presentation
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