Better late than never – and just in time for the presedential election – the state of Florida is getting serious about math. New York serious game company Tabula Digita (New York Serious Game Developer Raises $6M) announced the sale of their supplemental pre-algebra and algebra DimensionM video game to 24 middle schools in Broward County, Florida, the nations sixth largest public school system.

Students naturally like to learn through games, and the three-dimensional, virtual world format is deeply engaging. It’s a high impact, motivating learning tool that greatly assists when teaching a complex subject like algebra,” said Jeanine Gendron, Ed.D., director for the district’s department of instructional technology. “That subject is especially challenging during the middle school years, and quite often children become turned off because they view it as difficult. But from observing students using this program, we know that Tabula Digita is going to have a profound positive effect on the attention of our middle school learners.

Fore more visit the DimensionM web site and Serious Games Source.

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