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Now that Apple has proven the model works everyone wants an app store of their own. RIM has added one for Blackberry and now Facebook, who published their API for 3rd party developers months ago, is getting into the ‘appy act. As reported in the Cynopsis Digital newsletter this morning:

Like the iPhone in the mobile space, Facebook suffers from too much of a good thing. More than 50,000 applications have been built for the leading social networking platform and it’s getting increasingly difficult to figure out what’s worth taking a flier on. The platform addressed this problem yesterday with the launch of an Application Directory, encouraging the cream to rise to the top by directing users to popular apps, apps your friends are using and apps that Facebook thinks you may like based on past preferences. Those that sport a green checkmark have been “verified” by Facebook staffers (developers must pony up $375 to submit their app for approval.) And like iTunes, Facebook will choose some to recommend to users, apps like Zimride’s Carpool app, which helps you find friends to share rides with, and the popular Flixter app, which allows you to share with your friends what movies you’ve recently seen.

For more visit the Facebook app directory:

What, you’re one of the seventeen eleven people in the US not yet on Facebook? Tsk. Here’s a hint: it’s not just for college students hooking up or sharing party pictures anymore. Ready, set, go!

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