Design Innovation Canvas

Our design innovation process and toolkit

Whether for a marketing  or ecommerce website, productivity application or learning game, capturing the audience, user or player’s attention, meeting their needs, and delivering a compelling experience always comes first.

In 2016 we adapted the open-source Business Model Canvas to create Game Design Canvas. It was our agile solution for predictably, quickly capturing and iterating the vision for a complex project on a single page.

From a canvas for designing games to the  Design Innovation Toolkit

Game Design Canvas was so successful, hundreds of people have written to us with notes of thanks and ideas for the next version.

Our 2022 edition — renamed Design Innovation Canvas V3 — is based on that feedback and our experience creating digital media and software that’s delightful, useful, and delivers on its intention, whether information, sales, learning, entertainment or pure utility. 


The purpose of the Design Innovation Canvas is to distill that into one page that can be easily referred to by stakeholders. It can also serve as the table of contents for writing a longer, more complete, and detailed design document for complex projects.


The canvas will help you think through and develop a response to a key question you will need an answer to. For example who are the actors in the system? Or what does the overall functionality look like? 


Download Canvas V3

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