Design Innovation Canvas

Our Design Innovation Canvas and Worksheets (originally the Game Design Canvas) is a proven method to capture the essential design for a game, app or website on a single page.

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From games to design innovation

In 2016 we were inspired by the Business Model Canvas to create Game Design Canvas. It was our agile solution for predictably, quickly capturing, and iterating the vision for a game design project on a single page.

Our new edition, released in 2023 and renamed the Design Innovation Canvas, reflects the evolution of our business away from games-based learning and gamification, to digital media and software for other purposes as well.

Whether a game or website, the unifying principles that guide us are the same – the final product must be delightful, useful, and deliver on its intention, whether for information, promotion, sales, or learning purposes.


We noted the huge sums spent on encyclopedic documentation for many projects, only to fail at keeping the design and development teams in synch.

The purpose of the Design Innovation Canvas – and its forerunner the Game Design Canvas – is to distill the product vision for a website, mobile app, or online application into a single page, to align the understanding and effort of all stakeholders.


The Canvas helps you answer three big questions which apply to almost every project:

• What are the business sponsor’s intentions and goals?

• Who are the users and what is their experience and journey while using the software?

• And what are the constraints – e.g. budget, schedule, device, network – that must be considered to produce a successful solution?

Our experience and vision drive results.

RCDM Studio is a digital media consultancy, development studio, and marketing services agency founded by industry veteran Richard Carey whose experience includes product development initiatives for public and private companies from Fortune 500’s to professional practices and startups. 

Taking an agile, user-centric, and iterative approach, we shepherd ideas from concept through design and development to create products that entertain, inspire and inform their audiences, deliver exceptional user experience, and produce bottom-line results. The Design Innovation Canvas is one of our tools and processes for delivering on that goal.

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