secondlifebrandsmay07.jpgBritish metaverse consultancy and marketing agency K Zero reports this week that 85 international brands had established a presence in Second Life by the end of May 2007. In 2006 these corporate immigrants were “almost exclusively from the US. However, Western Europe stepped forward strongly from Jan 2007 and with this came the uplift in virtual marketing from countries such as the UK, Germany and Italy… culminating in 17 major brands/organizations entering in May.”

The company directory category of their blog breaks this down further and offers screen grabs of each company’s virtual space for a fast tour of who’s doing what in this virtual land rush. Taking it a step further, they also present demographics, a brand map and a university map that illustrate where these outposts have been built. Though the SLurls are not listed, K Zero provides everything the intrepid Second Life explorer/marketer/homesteader needs. Let the adventure begin.

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