Unlike my last post this one is about a game and its developer, New York University interactive telecommunications student Jennifer Chowdhury, who is pushing the envelope of user interface in her thesis project Intimate Controllers. (Click on the thumbnails, below, for a video at Chowdhury’s creation on YouTube.)

intimate interfaces - nyuThe body centered interface Chowdhury developed requires users to wear sensor-rich underwear to play a pong-like videogame. Once you’re wired up… Wheeee!!!… touching your opponents breasts or buttocks controls the on-screen action.

While Chowdhury’s game play is only rudimentary, the body-centered interface suggests myriad possibilities for human/computer communication and is arguably another step towards a teledildonics enabled future envisioned by Ted Nelson all the way back in 1980, or Nintendo’s more recent — and decidedly more P.C. — Wii technology. To round out the UI meme keep in mind the multi touch-screen (also developed in a NYU grad student I believe) and Microsoft’s newly commercialized version of a multi-touch table interface. Let the games continue!

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