I’m not really turning Japanese as this post’s title* suggests, but as a blogger and a Blogfather I was fascinated to learn that according to reports last year in Technorati and The Washington Post, Japanese has become the dominant language of the blogosphere.

Why Japanese? With a vast middle-class nearly everyone can afford an internet connection, and with daily commutes that can be hours long people have time to blog from their phones and assorted digital hand-held devices. Thought the subjects of personal blogs tend to be quite different in Japan than in the West, could this this video report from The Washington Post be a glimpse into our future?

Note: although these percentages date from 2006 and were quoted by the Post in late 2007, they’re still striking and the cultural spin in the video intrieguing, prompting this post. For the most current data see Technorati’s 2008 Report from the Blogosphere.

* Props to Max Praver for the translation.

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