newblogRecently Google, the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, MacArthur, and Common Sense Media started a promising new blog called Breakthrough Learning in the Digital Age, inviting Scott Traylor (CEO/founder of 360Kid), Lisa Guernsey (author and director at New America Foundation), James Paul Gee (serious game advocate, author and professor at Arizona State) and Gary Knell (Sesame Workshop president and CEO) to contribute.

True to form, Scott tackles the opportunity and challenges of using games in formal education head-on:

Let’s take a look at the kids we’re trying to reach today. They are the first generation that will have never known a time without the Internet, Google, or mobile phones. They are connected to the world through a variety of different digital, gaming, and communications tools. They are comfortable with many aspects of media creation. Every day they are presented with an unlimited menu of informal learning opportunities by simply following their passions online and choosing tools that suit their learning styles. How can schools compete with a similar level of engagement and interest through digital media inside the classroom?

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