David Polinchock, Adam Broitman, Doug Dimon, Richard Carey, David Curcurito & Bill Sobel (Photo © Tim Dwight www.dwightphoto.com)

David Polinchock, Adam Broitman, Doug Dimon, Richard Carey, David Curcurito & Bill Sobel - Photo © Tim Dwight

The panel discussion on Augmented Reality I moderated for Sobel Media’s executive breakfast series was eye-opening — and not just because the early hour allowed for watching the sun rise down Central Park South or Bouchon Bakery’s excellent java augmentation (though the latter surely helped).

Before we seated the panel, Esquire’s Creative Director David Curcurito led off with a demonstration of the magazine’s augmented reality issue on Samsung’s high-definition video wall, showing Gillian Jacobs: Funny Joke from a Beautiful Woman and other segments of the A/R issue as examples.


David Curcurito demonstrates the December 2009 A/R Esquire - Photo © Tim Dwight

Some call it a gimmick – as admittedly I did when I picked up a copy of Esquire off the news stand in December – but seeing it demonstrated properly left me feeling that print isn’t dead, it’s only hibernating. I can imagine using marker-based A/R in any number of print applications, from marketing communications to news, non-fiction (textbooks?) and fiction as well –  any print that would benefit from an overlay of real-time multimedia information.

Our discussion spanned the beginnings of A/R more than twenty years ago, the emergence of heads up displays, marker-based A/R, location-based A/R and its myriad applications for advertising, marketing, entertainment and more. Though the Foursquare and Yelp iPhone apps didn’t get much love from the panel, location-based A/R is one of the richest area for this technology (IMHO) and there’s huge potential in using A/R as a game mechanic as well – in fact I already am – but I’ll save that for another post.

Photo © Tim Dwight

David Polinchock describes an A/R experience at Disney World - Photo © Tim Dwight

Since I was serving up the questions there was no way to take notes on everything we talked about, but several media bloggers in attendance were more diligent in capturing the key points:

And for more on Augmented Reality in general:

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