Playing video games “teaches skills that transfer to classroom, surgical procedures, scientific thinking…” according to the American Psychological Association, meeting in Boston this week. In a press release aggregating the results of several recent studies, the APA reports “Certain types of video games can have beneficial effects, improving gamers’ dexterity as well as their ability to problem-solve – attributes that have proven useful not only to students but to surgeons.”

The studies cited include “Four dimensions of Video Game Effects,” William Stone, BS, and Douglas A. Gentile, PhD, Iowa State University; “Games, Stealth Assessment and Learning,” Valerie Shute, PhD, Florida State University; “Informal Scientific Reasoning in Online Game Forums,” Constance Steinkuehler, PhD, and Sean C. Duncan, MA, University of Wisconsin at Madison; “Children’s Problem Solving During Video Game Play,” Fran C. Blumberg, PhD and Sabrina S. Ismailer, BA, Fordham University. For more visit the APA website.

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