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AI makes the difference

icon representing a botOur AI-powered bots will improve your website’s conversion of visitors into leads and customers, and take a load off front-line sales and customer service reps. They’ll get the conversation started, then hand off the session to an agent, phone, or email, improving customer satisfaction.*

AI has had a significant impact on chatbots. AI-powered chatbots are capable of handling complex tasks and interactions, while Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques have improved chatbots’ ability to understand and respond to customer inquiries and requests. This makes AI-powered chatbots more personalized and context-aware, allowing them to provide tailored responses to individual customers based on their previous interactions and preferences, leading to an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty.**

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Use cases

Customer Support: Offer instant responses to common queries, troubleshoot issues, and provide assistance, even during peak hours. 

Lead Generation: Engage with website visitors, capture leads, and guide them through the sales funnel, boosting conversions and revenue.

Personalized Dialog: AI analyzes user intent to deliver bespoke product or content recommendations, enhancing user satisfaction.

Surveys and Feedback: Gather valuable feedback from users, helping you improve your products or services based on genuine insights.

Hand Off: Bot sessions can be handed off to a live agent via SMS, phone or email, according to your needs and practices.

Why RCDM should build your bot

Designed for You: At RCDM Studio, we understand the distinctiveness of each business and its customers. Our team of AI experts will collaborate closely with you to deliver an AI bot that is trained on your content, and perfectly aligns with your brand, objectives, and customer expectations.

Leading Technology: Our bots are empowered by the latest advancements in AI, enabling them to learn from user interactions and continually enhance their responses. Say farewell to stilted, branched conversations, and embrace dynamic AI assistants that know when to hand off the session to a live agent.

Seamless Integration: Leave the technical intricacies to us. We will seamlessly integrate your AI bot with your existing website regardless of the tech it’s built with, ensuring a seamless user experience from the moment your bot goes live.

Round-the-Clock Support: Your website visitors won’t be confined by time zones or business hours. With our AI bots, they can receive instant assistance 24/7, fostering higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Data-Driven Insights: Gain invaluable insights into user behavior, preferences, and pain points through analytics. Leverage this data to refine your marketing strategies to improve performance.

Our process

Onboarding and Discovery: Our process commences with an in-depth consultation, where we immerse ourselves in your business, target audience, and specific requirements, and collect or specify the content that will be needed.

Design, Development and Training: Our team will design a unique AI bot that embodies your brand identity and develop it using state-of-the-art AI technologies, then train it with your content.

Integration and Testing: Once the bot is created, we’ll seamlessly integrate it into your website and conduct rigorous testing to ensure that it’s reliable and surpasses your expectations.

Launch and Monitoring: After successful testing, your custom AI bot will go live on your website. We will continuously monitor its performance, making regular adjustments for optimal results.

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