AndIs your website accessible to users with visual, physical or cognitive issues?

It’s not just the right thing to do, it shows commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. And it’s the law.

We learned from developing educational technology for Scholastic, Pearson Education, McGraw Hill and Macmillan the importance of building digital products that are accessible and can be used by all. 

That used to take time-consuming coding, but now we can offer an effective solution that works on all platforms yet  requires a single line of code to implement, and makes your site ADA compliant so that it’s welcoming to all. Serve users with a wide array of disabilities all in adherence to the WCAG 2.1 and worldwide legislation

WCAG & ADA Compliance

Our solutions provide full WCAG & ADA compliance from day one, and every day thereafter.

Mitigate Legal Risk

Protect your website from accessibility-related lawsuits with the world’s most robust automated solution for accessibility.

Enhanced Usability

Accessibility sets your website apart and showcases your commitment to inclusion while boosting SEO, search rankings, conversions, and your bottom line.

Your visitors use different devices to view your site and their abilities to use the site differ too.

  • Our accessibility solution includes: content, color, display, navigation, screen-reader, and keyboard adjustments 
  • Behind the scenes, we use AI-powered machine learning for contextual understanding to provide the complex, back-end requirements needed to enable screen reader and keyboard navigation adjustments.

Still want to know more? Watch this video about how our solution works. 


Our solution delivers: Ongoing compliance with web accessibility legislation

Accessibility statement and certification of performance

Daily Compliance Monitoring

24-hour automatic maintenance scans of new and updated content

Monthly Compliance Auditing

Professional compliance audit every month to your inbox

Simple One Click Install

Ally features a one click demo content installation to get your site looking like the demo in no time.

Widget Area Before the Footer

You can design your footer with Divi Page Builder and choose to show it on every page (using Divi Widget Builder). There is no need to add a global section to each page and post.

Fly-In Animations

You can easily animate any module on scroll down and scroll up. Just add a custom CSS class of ally-left, ally-right, ally-bottom, ally-top or ally-fade.

Divi Modules Styling

Ally features multiple pre-styled modules. Several version of Blurbs and many others. Just pick & choose the ones that suit your project.

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