About Us

Our experience and vision drive results.

RCDM Studio is a digital media consultancy, development studio, and marketing services agency founded by industry veteran Richard Carey  whose experience includes product development initiatives for public and private companies from Fortune 500’s to professional practices and startups.  With an agile, user-centric, and iterative approach, we take ideas from concept through design and development to create products that entertain, inspire and inform their audiences, deliver exceptional user experience, and produce bottom-line results. 

How We Work

From a weeks-long sprint to an effort spanning months or years, we follow an agile, iterative, and results-oriented approach. Our process is simple and direct:

  • Discovery meetings with all stakeholders.
  • Analyze your concept and requirements, and propose and refine a solution.
  • Design a Statement of Work that is scaled to your budget.
  • Develop in phases, showing work early and often.
  • Launch the first version, and iterate based on user feedback. 
  • Provide a post-launch program of development, operational, and marketing support as needed, or hand it off to your in-house team.
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Our Team

We have an exceptional team of designers, developers, engineers, and media producers, supported by US-based creative direction and program management.

Collectively we have the experience, passion, and expertise to find elegant solutions to common and uncommon business challenges in many sectors, including healthcare, education, transportation and logistics, professional practices, e-commerce, non-profits and more.

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