taxonomy of serious gamesAs noted by 360KID’s Scott Traylor in his blog Ben Sawyer presented a taxonomy of serious games at the recent Annenberg Workshop on Learning Games. Scott writes, “Ben began the presentation with a very fitting poem by John Godfrey Saxe about six blind men who went to see an elephant. Each blind man found a part of the elephant; it’s sturdy side by one, a tusk by another, an ear by yet another, and so on. Each blind man thought they had come to understand the true meaning of what an elephant is. Each person was partially right about what they thought was an elephant, yet all of them were wrong in their understanding” (Scott’s post continues here…).

>>> Update 12/21/07: Ben Sawyer will be presenting his taxonomy at the 2008 Serious Games Summit:

In this presentation, Sawyer and Smith will present a complete overview of their Serious Games Taxonomy 1.0, providing not only a stronger definition of the serious games field, but also presenting a platform upon which to drive further activity and understanding of serious games, including market opportunities, research requirements, advocacy, criticism, and more. Feedback from the audience will be used to drive refinements to the work prior to publishing it formally.

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