Now what?

Unless you’re working on the medical front lines or another essential business, sales are probably way, way down if they haven’t stopped entirely, which means you have time on your hands. But the good news is that if you promote or sell online, this is a chance to upgrade (or build a new) website, and work on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase organic web traffic, improve your search ranking, and… ta da!… increase sales.

SEO is important because upwards of 87% of online sales begin with a search, so achieving a top position on the search engine results page (SERP) can make a huge difference to your business. Put in ‘bricks–and–mortar’ retail terms: more foot traffic past your storefront (searches) means more shoppers in your store (visitors), and more shoppers/visitors translates to more sales. It’s true whether you’re a retail merchant, B2B business, consultant or professional practice.

To get started supercharging your web marketing here are five SEO-related projects, from education to intervention, that you can work on today — and all allow for social distancing 😷

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best long term marketing investments you can make. For an excellent overview hop over to MOZ’s SEO for Beginners. Read on for some DIY projects to get started.

Write more blogs relevant to your expertise, making sure to use HTML tags correctly and including the keywords you want to rank for.

Don’t know what to write about? You’re not alone. Harvard Business School reports many businesses have turned off their marketing efforts during the pandemic, but now is the time customers need to hear from you most. Read more to what they want to know:

— Try one of these free blog title generators to spark SEO friendly ideas:

Create more social media posts and add to your Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn feeds several times a week if you can. Get started with these free templates on Canva

Comment in Reddit forums or on Facebook groups tied to your work to create back links that invite visits to your landing page.

Use this time to carefully plan your sales funnel so each marketing activity is an intentional step from visitor to prospect to customer and brand ambassador.

From concept to to screen to customer, RCDM Studio helps businesses increase their revenue with world class digital media development and marketing services. Book a free consultation and let’s talk about how to improve your web traffic and sales.